BMS Integration

Unique to the Flapstopper is the ease of its integration to legacy BMS and SCADA system.


The Flapstopper’ s control panel is designed to accept simple volt free contact switched inputs for activation and will conversely output its status via volt free contacts too. The output is 100% isolated and capable of interface with 12V, 24V or 48V BMS systems.


Alternatively, should the control panel be located a distance away from the BMS station, our sister company Radio Data Networks can provide simple to use and cost-effective radio links that bring the BMS inputs and outputs to the control panel.


RDN’s portfolio can enable links covering distances from a few hundred meters to over 5km. There is also the choice of standard or mission critical licenced radio for communications thanks to RDN’s exclusive nationwide Ofcom licenced radio channel.


Onsite BMS Monitoring over Ofcom Licenced radio


For the ultimate in assurance, we can via our partners Radio Data Networks the ultimate in high reliability radio telemetry between the control panel and the BMS outstation.  With licenced radio seldom is a site too large, the transmit power using licenced radio is more than adequate to travel through most buildings and across most sites.


Control options are also available and there are systems to control multiple FlapstopperTM  over a single radio telemetry link, either individually or as a group call.


a bi-directional, high reliability radio telemetry interface that permits the FlapstopperTM to be operated from a BMS outstation located  almost anywhere on a site.


For high critical sites the systems can be operated on Ofcom licenced radio spectrum giving the assurance of interference free operation with the full legal backing of Ofcom.

Onsite BMS Monitoring over Ofcom Licenced radio