Case Studies

Flapstopper Box Valve Installation

Our client Lidl, installing our Flapstopper Box Valve on site

Flapstopper with Safety Cage

Take a look at our flapstopper in action. Our client wanted to prevent debris from obstructing the operation of our flapstopper with the help of our safety cages.

Flapstopper Installation

Our flapstopper after installation at The Olympic Park in London.

Dual Flapstopper Servicing

Servicing our dual flapstoppers at DP World.

Flapstopper Box Valve Installed

Take a look at our flapstopper box valve installed on a clients site

Flapstopper Installation

See our installed flapstopper at Kerry Food Group in Poole. Installation within a couple of hours work.

Dual Flapstopper Installation

See our dual flapstopper valves being tested after installation on site.