IoT+ Cloud Monitoring

If you are looking to monitor the status of your Flapstopper remotely, then the IoT+ platform is ideal for you and your business.


With IoT+ enablement, the Flapstopper will automatically communicate its status of operation to the IoT+ platform from anywhere on the planet thanks to the Iridium Satellite Network without the need of SIM cards. This can also be in addition to monitoring the status of the Flapstopper on you BMS system too, so out of hours you can access the status 24/7/365.


IoT+ can also be used to log other site parameters from the level of water, PH, turbidity, and the number of activations of your Flapstopper. Further, for multi-site operators, we can if required, bring the status of several sites onto a single page.



Global off-Site Monitoring 24/7/365 and IoT Enablement via IoT+


In these days of IoT, the FlapstopperTM too can be monitored remotely. We can upgrade your FlapstopperTM   to include variety of monitoring packages from SMS text units right through to secure portal on our IoT+ platform.


For critical or remote sites such as highways PCDs we can offer a “work anywhere” and future proof monitoring service via the Iridium LEO satellite networks and our partners Radio Data Networks.



IoT+ Remote Offsite Cyber Secure Monitoring – Anywhere!


Using the power of Iridium Satellite Network, a FlapstopperTM or multiple units be upgraded to include a high reliability satellite modem system with on-line IoT+ dashboard for a modest monthly fee.


By using Iridium, we have the assurance that the monitoring service will work 24/7/365 and not suffer from the sate of flux seen with the cellular based monitoring where obsolescence is commonplace.


Further independent trials conducted by the likes of NW Rail have indicated that operation can be achieve in areas that would be normally challenging to other communication media.

IoT Compatible Device