The Flapstopper

The Flapstopper has been designed to effortlessly mitigate spill and firewater incidents.


The FlapstopperTM has been designed to effortlessly mitigate spill and firewater incidents, taking in-drain containment being taken to the next level with this dual-purpose emergency management tool.


Manufactured from Stainless Steel, the FlapstopperTM can be used for more industrial spills than bladder systems. The FlapstopperTM is completely retrofittable, already being used in chemical environments; locations where medias may cause bladders to perish, and ATEX areas where a hardier product is required.


Presenting the end user with choice and flexibility, the control panel can be operated by mains electric, or a solar panel, which can be as small as 10W.  The solar option allows use of the FlapstopperTM in hard-to-reach sites, or in locations where it is not cost-effective to run mains power to.


The FlapstopperTM can be activated manually via a push button on the control panel allowing the end user to have total control over their system.  Alternatively, it can be remotely controlled using worker operated call points, fire alarm detection equipment, or a range of condition detecting probes, e.g., oil interceptor alarms.  Activation rapidly closes the valve in the manhole or outflow in less than 5 seconds significantly reducing the risk of contamination, enabling the FlapstopperTM to be a market leader in its field.


The FlapstopperTM can be made for several installation situations, with our in-line design fitting gullies in manholes, to our wall-mounted version which fits over outflows or in situations where a flush fitting to the wall is needed.  Should the need for a flanged FlapstopperTM valve be needed, please talk to us to discuss the options available.


The FlapstopperTM has been designed to bring a site in to line with several UK and EU environmental Legislations, including EA PPG 3,7,8,13, and 18 (managing fire water and major spills).

The Flapstopper