The Telestopper

Designed to withstand the industrial environment; housed in a galvanised steel case, your Industrial TelestopperTM will be ready to use in whatever environment it finds itself.


Offering optimal flexibility the housing of the Industrial TelestopperTM can be wall mounted as an in-situ spill tool, but its portability, enables it to be transferred if necessary. Along with being hard-wearing and space-conscious, the unit is coloured emergency red to highlight its position in any setting should it be needed to mitigate an incident.


The Industrial TelestopperTM comes complete with a 3m telescopic pole for suitable use in varying drain depths, along with a heavy-duty stirrup pump for inflating the bladder.


As a complete kit any size bladder can be ordered with the Industrial TelestopperTM up to a maximum of 24”. Bladders supplied with the Industrial TelestopperTM are durable to most Medias found in an on-site drainage system. The fixing at the end of the pole allows the Bladder to be removed whilst in the inflated position, meaning numerous bladders can be used with regard to a spill should this be necessary.

TelestopperTM Portable Emergency Spill Protection

TelestopperTM Portable Emergency Spill Protection


The TelestopperTM is the perfect solution for adding protection to low-risk sites.  The TelestopperTM is effectively an inflatable bladder, with a detachable pole deployments system and hand pump for inflation. It can be supplied in a portable canvas bag or in a red metal wall box.


On low spill risk sites, where operators are trained with the necessary spill handling skills, have the correct PPE, and the drains runs are low risk with respect to environmental impact, the TelestopperTM or multiple TelestopperTM is an adequate way to provide protection.


However always remember the gradient on the site must be shallow enough to give staff time to respond too before the spill reaches the outside environment. If not an automated FlapstopperTM will be your only option for achieving compliance.


The largest use of the TelestopperTM is a pre-deployment tool before say taking on a delivery of heating oil or chemicals into a non-bunded area. Many sites set up procedures which include interlock tokens that permit deliveries to only take place once the TelestopperTM has been instead into the drain, inflated, inspected, and verified as sealed.


Countless numbers of TelestopperTM are in use across Europe. The TelestopperTM is effectively an inflatable bladder, with a deployments system and hand pump for inflation.


TelestopperTM are available from 4in (10cm) to 36in (1m) however with the larger units it must be appreciated that the inflation time can be considerable and a FlapstopperTM is preferred.

TelestopperTM Portable Emergency Spill Protection 2

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