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At Environmental Innovations, we are on a mission to tackle & prevent industrial pollution and firewater spills around the UK with our revolutionary automated pollution & firewater control valves.


Since our launch in 2007, Environmental Innovations has been delivering pollution & firewater containment solutions to various industries around the UK. To this day, we have successfully deployed our containment valves to numerous industrial sites & customers.


Refer to CIRIA c736 Guidance on tertiary spill containment and the EA’s PPG18 Guidance for managing firewater and major spillages.

Installation of pollution control valve


Our Flapstopper pollution control valves are custom manufactured & designed in the UK from stainless steel to fit our customer’s invert.  The system design is protected by European Patent 2177678.


The Flapstopper range comes in two types; one that fits on an inlet to a chamber and the Box Valve variant that fits on the outflow.


Every automated pollution control valve comes with a smart control panel.  The control panels are available for mains or solar operation and include latching relay outputs that can be interfaced with the site’s BMS system to reflect the status of the valve remotely.


Many mistakenly think or are mis-sold the concept of GSM SMS text alerts. However, passes a management issue to the site owner, which can result in workers getting calls out of hours, ex-employees receiving messages, and no messages received at all.  We believe in providing a BMS interface as the 1st point of the call.


The BMS should then send the SMS as this is more than likely to be up to date and not forgotten.


The Flapstopper is an emergency pollution control valve that prevents any pollution or firewater from leaving the site by sealing your drainage.  Once the incident/spill has passed, you can pump out the contamination and reopen the Flapstopper allowing normal flow to resume.


Compared to a penstock valve, where closure time is measured in minutes, our Flapstoppers are designed for rapid closure in under 5 seconds thanks to our air-operated valves using pneumatic actuators, and also offer 100% sealing when closed.


To enhance safety and to keep operatives out of a hazardous area, the FlapstopperTM pollution control valves can be triggered remotely using a Radio Data Networks RDNET1000 Wireless battery-powered & waterproof Call Points available in green for pollution containment devices and red for Firewater control applications respectively.


Signals from the Call Points can also be routed to the site’s BMS System via a Radio Data Networks Gateway to inform the site that the Call Point has been activated.


We believe that integrating our telemetry with our clients existing Building Management System (BMS) or SCADA performs far superior to GSM / SMS Text as it’s consistently monitored and reliable.


Remote monitoring, wireless automation, and solar-powered pollution containment systems also mean our technology can be deployed anywhere.


  • UK designed and manufactured from stainless steel
  • Can be installed on the inlet or outlet of a manhole chamber
  • Rapid activation closes the valve in under 5 seconds
  • Mains or solar-powered options with battery packs
  • Manual activation via control box/kiosk
  • Remote activation via relay boxes or text message
  • Control panel operable by mains or solar power from 10W
  • Two variants of pollution control valves are on offer for inlets or outlets
  • Our pollution control valves are designed to bring a site in line with several UK and EU Environmental Legislations, including EA PPG18 and CIRIA c736 Guidelines on tertiary spill containment

  • Does not obstruct the normal flow of the drain
  • Bespoke options available to fit any drain size
  • Accommodates pipes, gully inverts, and outlets 0.1m to 1m in diameter
  • Wide range of mounting options, flange, collars, and tapered cones
  • The Flapstopper Box Valve is designed to suit drains and sewers from just 10cm to over 1m in diameter
  • Manual/automated control operation from push buttons to radio telemetry, call points, or smart-in-drain sensors
  • No civil works are required and minimal disruption to site activity
  • Off-seat and on-seat mounting options
  • 3 tier wireless control options for all pollution control valves

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