Containing Pollution & Firewater Spills

We are on a mission to tackle & prevent industrial pollution and firewater surface water spills around the UK with our revolutionary automated pollution & firewater containment systems.


Since our launch in 2007, Environmental Innovations has been delivering pollution & firewater containment solutions to various industries around the UK. To this day, we have successfully deployed our containment valves to numerous industrial sites & customers.


Refer to CIRIA c736 Guidance on tertiary spill containment and the EA’s PPG18 Guidance for managing firewater and major spillages and comply with the regulations today with our retrofittable technology.

Our Automated Containment Valves

Our Flapstopper pollution control valves are custom manufactured & designed in the UK from stainless steel to fit our customer’s invert.  The system design is protected by European Patent 2177678.


Explore our Inlet Valves (fits on an inlet) and Box Valves (fits on the outlet), designed to fit inverts from 100mm to 600mm diameter.


Every automated pollution & firewater control valve comes with a smart control panel.  The control panels are available for mains or solar operation and include latching relay outputs that can be interfaced with the site’s BMS system to reflect the status of the valve remotely.


Our firewater & pollution containment valves are designed to bring a site in line with several UK and EU Environmental Legislation, including EA PPG 3,7,8,13, and 18.

Penstocks Vs. The Flapstopper

The Flapstopper is an emergency pollution control valve that prevents any pollution or firewater from leaving the site by sealing your drainage.  Once the incident/spill has passed, you can pump out the contamination and reopen the Flapstopper allowing normal flow to resume.


Compared to a penstock valve, where closure time is measured in minutes, our Flapstoppers are designed for rapid closure in under 5 seconds thanks to our air-operated valves using pneumatic actuators, and also offer 100% sealing when closed.

Valve Controls & Telemetry

Our automated pollution and firewater containment valves can be controlled locally and/or remotely from the push of a button.


We offer both Mains & Solar Powered options, from our standard wall-mounted control panel to our 60W solar floor standing kiosks, for areas that require additional security and a power source.


On top of this, we offer remote telemetry links and interface control panels designed for a site’s main hub to activate numerous valves remotely & simultaneously in the event of a spill or fire through the integration of our client’s existing BMS or SCADA with the help of our partners, Radio Data Networks Limited.

Automated Diversion Weirs

In addition to our pollution containment valves, our automated diversion weirs are retrofittable to existing chambers and permit a normal flow path and diversion to a holding tank for spills.

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