Flapstopper™ Pollution Containment Valves

The FlapstopperTM  Pollution Containment Valve


Our FlapstopperTM pollution and firewater containment devices can be found at work in a variety of spill, firewater, and flood protection applications providing 24/7/365 protection from surface water spills across the UK.  Our retrofittable design fits into existing drainage systems and infrastructure with minimal disruption and cost.


The FlapstopperTM valves are modular designed stainless steel automated water pollution containment systems for remote and local activation via mains or solar power.  Our control kiosks allow clients to integrate their FlapstopperTM valves with existing BMS, fire alarm systems, oil interceptors, and more.


Our pollution & firewater containment valves are designed to fit on curved and flat walled chambers, shallow and deep; a great alternative to manual penstocks.

The FlapstopperTM Inlet Valve


Our typical 304 stainless steel inlet valves are designed to fit within the base of the invert in a chamber. Our flap assembly blocks and seals the invert when closed by a compressible closed cell gasket which is retained in place by a stainless steel plate.


Driven by air from the piston, forces the Flapstopper to close and seal the chamber in the event of a surface water spill in under 5 seconds compared to manually operated penstock.


The d-shape profile of our inlet valves are designed to fit in the existing benching alongside the cone sleeve to insert into the drain invert and sealed.

The FlapstopperTM Box Valves


Our 304 stainless steel Flapstopper Box Valves come in two variants. One with a d-shaped bottom and cone, designed to fit within the benching at the bottom of an drain outlet, also called our Flapstopper Box Valve with Cone; the other a flat bottom valve with a square mount, also known as our Flapstopper Box Valve with Flat Wall Mount.


Our pollution & firewater containment box valves are designed to work against the flow (off-seat) of water whilst also making it easier to service and check valves even under a head of water thanks to our inspection window.

The FlapstopperTM Flow Diversion Weir


Our 304 stainless steel Flapstopper Flow Diversion Weirs are designed to divert the flow of water on command within a square or curved chamber, thanks to our modular pollution & firewater containment valves. 


Mounted on adaptor plates, our diversion weirs are perfect for diverting the outflow to holding tanks and other channels, preventing water contamination and acting also as a flood barrier.


A DIY kit for chambers of all sizes and depths designed for retrofittable and easy installation.

FlapstopperTM Valve Control Kiosks


Our Flapstopper valve control kiosks automate our pollution and firewater containment valves from a push of a button.  Our standard control panel is housed in a wall mounted enclosure for local activation where mains power is accessible. For more public areas or areas prone to vandalism, we recommend our floor standing GRP kiosks.


For more remote locations with no mains power, we offer our range of single door and double door 60W solar kiosks with battery back-up to house our control panels.


Our system controls are low voltage and provides health check messages and feedback to a local sites BMS system.  Our control panels are designed to be failsafe, easy to install, operate and safe thanks to the power of compressed air.

150mm Inlet Containment Valve mounted in chamber benching
Flapstopper Box Valve with Flat Wall Mount & Compression Rings
Flow Diversion Weir Valve
Mains Powered Control Kiosk

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