Optional System Upgrades



The FlapstopperTM with its low-weight design and its ultra-low power control panel can be powered from the sun.  Providing the unit is located in an area that attracts the sun, the reliable solar operation is viable all year round in all parts of the UK.


Depending on the type of control panel mounting, we offer control panels that are either pole-mounted or integral within a control kiosk.  The alternative if trees block the sky or there is a threat of vandalism is to mount the panels on a pole.


This option is favorable for areas that do not have the facility to mount control panels on vertical walls with clear sun visibility, for example on a forecourt.

Solar powered grp kiosk for pollution containment valves



To enhance safety and to keep operatives out of a hazardous area, the FlapstopperTM can be triggered remotely using a Radio Data Networks RDNET1000 Wireless battery-powered & waterproof Call Points available in green for PCD and red for Firewater control applications respectively.


For harsh locations or exposed areas, there is also a version with a stainless-steel protective cowling to increase the protection from the elements plus provide impact protection too.


At night or if there is a power failure the Call Point includes a bright pilot LED which blinks and enables them to be located in total darkness. Once activated the LED colour changes to red so the activated call point can be spotted.


Signals from the Call Points can also be routed to the site’s BMS System via a Radio Data Networks Gateway to inform the site that the Call Point has been activated.

Call Point Activation for pollution control valves

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