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Tackling Surface Water Pollution

Surface water pollution is an evergrowing problem in today’s industrial and built-up world, caused by plastics, chemicals, such as heavy metals, pesticides, antibiotics, and industrial waste discharge, including dumping into waterways.


The Three Main Types of Surface Water Pollution

1.   Naturally: Flooding that collects fertilisers, pesticides, debris, and other contaminants.

2.  Accidentally: Oil spills and agricultural runoff

3.  Intentionally: Industries dumping waste directly into waterways


Become environmentally compliant, and improve health & safety around the workplace with our smart Flapstopper automated water pollution and firewater containment devices.


Closing and 100% sealing drain inverts in under 5 seconds using air compression, our water pollution & firewater control valves are the perfect solution to quickly and effectively stop the flow of pollutants within a drain or duct in the event of a fire, flood, or spill.


We work closely with the Environment Agency (EA) where we present numerous papers at their annual conferences and workshops at exhibitions across the UK.


We have even contributed to the EA’s Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs) which govern best environmental practices throughout England and Wales.


Responsibility and accountability for the environment have grown and many companies have been penalised for intentional and accidental water pollution spills, resulting in damaged reputations, significant monetary losses, damages to the environment, and in some cases imprisonment.


Refer to CIRIA c736 Guidance on tertiary spill containment and the EA’s PPG18 for more information.


We are working closely with the Zero Pollution Network. A charity aimed at protecting our planet from water & wastewater pollution.


For every pollution and firewater containment valve deployed, we are donating to the Zero Pollution Network, to grow our network with likeminded businesses who share our passion for environmental protection.

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