Pollution & Firewater Containment Devices

Environmental innovations are the UK pioneers of Pollution and Firewater Containment Valves


Compared to traditional penstocks, our PCDs as they are often called, are able to respond and close off a drain in a matter of seconds. Our solutions are certainly much faster and safer than trying to stem a flow of pollution or firewater using sandbags.


Technically there is no difference between a Pollution or Firewater valve (FlapstopperTM). It is only the method of activation (Closure) that differs, which is determined often by risk assessment with respect to human safety.


Pollution containment systems for example, may be triggered by manual push buttons or call points, whereas a firewater containment system is often triggered by the operation of the sites fire alarm.

The Flapstopper

The FlapstopperTM has been designed to effortlessly mitigate spill and firewater incidents

TelestopperTM Portable Emergency Spill Protection

Designed to withstand the industrial environment; housed in a galvanised steel case, your Industrial TelestopperTM will be ready to use in whatever environment it finds itself.

Reverse Mounted Pollution Containment Box Valve 160mm in stainless steel

The Box Valve version of the Flapstopper is a revolutionary solution that overcomes the issues associated with opening a Flapvalve under a head of water.