Pollution & Firewater Containment Devices


Compared to traditional penstocks, our pollution containment devices (PCDs) or pollution control valves are able to respond and close off a drain entirely in under 5 seconds.


Technically there is no difference between a Pollution or Firewater valve (FlapstopperTM). It is only the method of activation (Closure) that differs, which is determined often by risk assessment with respect to human safety.


Pollution containment systems may be triggered by manual push buttons or call points, whereas a firewater containment system is often triggered by the operation of the site’s fire alarm.

Pollution Control Valve


The Box Valve version of the Flapstopper is a revolutionary pollution containment device that overcomes the issues associated with opening a Flapvalve pollution containment device under water pressure, as well as provides access for inspection and servicing.


With our wide range of firewater & pollution containment FlapstopperTM devices available, any drain can be converted into a containment vessel preventing oil, chemical, or firewater spill from becoming an environmental disaster.


Manufactured & designed in the UK from stainless steel, our high-quality and durable firewater & pollution containment devices are built to last and are normally supplied for retrofit installation into existing drains, chambers, pipes, outfalls, or bund walls.


Location is no issue for our firewater & pollution containment FlapstopperTM range as our solar-operated option allows our systems to work on remote sites.


Our firewater & pollution containment FlapstopperTM family is designed to bring a site in line with several UK and EU Environmental Legislations, including EA PPG18 and CIRIA c736 Guidelines.

pollution containment box valve

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